This is ARRC

ARRC (Assets Rebalancing Reconciliation Controls) is an equities focused front-to-back office software solution built upon a centralised data record that streamlines the investment process, mitigates operational risk and improves collaboration across business functions. It is a customised and scalable solution delivered in close partnerships with clients. With a user-friendly interface and cloud based infrastructure, ARRC is the ideal solution for small and growing investment management firms.

It includes features such as:

  • Real-time view of cash and positions
  • Portfolio modelling and rebalancing for single and multiple funds against benchmarks and model funds
  • Cash management and forecasting across currencies
  • Pre-trade and post-trade compliance and advanced rule creation tool
  • Post-trade matching, settlement and reconciliation
  • Centralised database and data management tools
  • Integration with custodians and third party systems
  • Real-time pricing and security data via Bloomberg terminal connection
  • Reporting tool for querying historical positions, transactions and compliance
  • Full audit trail throughout the investment workflow process
  • Custom user and permission settings

Positions View

The Positions view gives the user the ability to view and propose trades for model funds and portfolios respectively, in their own right and in relation to benchmarks. The view contains two tabs, one for model funds and one for portfolios. There is also the option to change how position data is aggregated and broken down row by row, for example into currency, country, sector or industry group. 

Cash Ladder

The cash ladder provides the ability to view cash balances across any combination currencies and portfolios on a settlement date. It builds upon start of day custodian balances and projects future cash balances based on the transactions on record. 

Compliance Engine

Pre-trade and post-trade compliance validation and advanced rule creation tool supporting a wide range of compliance rules.